Billing plans

ST Registry provide 4 billing levels where each level have own requirement for ST Partner:
LEVEL0 Requirements: 0-49 domains portfolio
LEVEL1 Requirements: 50-149 domains portfolio
LEVEL2 Requirements: 150-349 domains portfolio
LEVEL3 Requirements: 350 or more domains in registrar portfolio

Memorandum of agreement

By and Between ST Registry and ST Partner

This Memorandum of Agreement is entered between Bahnhof ST Registry, Box 6220, 10234 Stockholm, Sweden (registry service at URL ) appointed as ST Registry by IANA / ICANN, and .ST Domain Partner.

Activation of agreement:

This agreement between ST Registry and ST Partner is valid The Date ST Partner initiates the service by performing first invoice payment (online or wire payment) after ST Registry approves application submitted by ST Partner.


ST Registry deliver notifications through 3 independent channels:

  1. API
  2. Registrar console
  3. Email/URL notifications (optional).