ST Registry deliver notifications through 3 independent channels:

  1. API
  2. Registrar console
  3. Email/URL notifications (optional).

API notifications

Notification messages available only in REST API and EPP API. XMLRPC API doesn’t support notification messages.
REST API notifications methods represented in:

  1. Getting list of notification messages without updating queue.
  2. Mark individual notification message as read.
  3. Delete individual notification (for both – read and unread)

EPP API notifications managed according to EPP specification with poll-req/ack methods.
Registrar is unable to disable API notifications.


Registrar console

New notification arrivals are reflected in registrar console header with blinking mailbox.
Registrar is unable to disable notifications in Registrar console. All notifications(read and unread) automatically removed 1 month after arrival.


EMail/URL notifications

There is totally 3 groups of notifications:

  1. Domain lifecycle notifications
  2. Domain transfer notifications
  3. Billing notifications

For each notification group registrar can setup up to 2 different notifications:

  1. Email notification
  2. URL notification

Each notification type may exist simultaneously. Also each notification type or group may be disabled by removing settings for corresponding group.

List of notifications for each group:

  1. Domains lifecycle
    • Domain(s) 30 days expiration notice
    • Domain(s) 14 days expiration notice
    • Domain(s) expired
    • Domain(s) entered redemption period
    • Domain(s) deleted
  2. Billing related notificaitons
    • Insufficient funds to complete operation
    • Balance low
  3. Domains transfer
    • Transfer request
    • Transfer successful
    • Transfer rejected
    • Transfer canceled
    • Transfer forbidden