Session handling


To start an EPP Gateway session, the client must send a “login” command using valid credentials. An EPP Gateway session is closed by sending a “logout” command or simply by closing the TCP connection. After an initial greeting, clients can always query the Gateway by sending a “hello” command.

1. Hello command

An EPP client MAY request a from the EPP server at any time. Often this command is used for checking the status of the EPP server.

EPP Gateway command request/response:

2. Login command

An EPP Gateway session must be established before any operations can be sent to the gateway. Additionally, EPP limits login ID to a maximum of 16 characters.

EPP Gateway command request/response:

3. Logout command

An EPP Gateway session in general should be must closed with the “Logout” command after all instructions are complete, unless for performance reasons you wish to keep the connection open. Please remember that the connection is automatically closed when the TCP timeout occurs or the TCP session is closed.

EPP Gateway command request/response: