Domain statuses

Status: ok
This is the normal status value for an object that has no pending operations or prohibitions. This value is set and removed by ST Registry as other status values are added or removed.

Status: inactive
Delegation information has not been associated with the object. This is the default status when a domain object is first created and there are no associated host objects for the DNS delegation. This status can also be set by the server when all host-object/name servers associations are removed.

Status: clientDeleteProhibited serverDeleteProhibited
Requests to delete object will be rejected

Status: clientHold serverHold
DNS delegation information WILL NOT be published for the object.

Status: clientRenewProhibited serverRenewProhibited
Requests to renew domain will be rejected.

Status: clientTransferProhibited serverTransferProhibited
Requests to transfer the object will be rejected.

Status: clientUpdateProhibited serverUpdateProhibited
Requests to update the object (other than to remove this status) will be rejected.

Status: pendingCreate pendingDelete pendingRenew pendingTransfer pendingUpdate
A transform command has been processed for the object, but the action has not been completed by ST Registry.

Status: addPeriod renewPeriod transferPeriod
Those statuses indicate that domain is currently in grace period(s) which is provided after initial registration and/or domain renewal (expire date prolongation) and/or successful transfer of a domain name from one registrar to another. Domain will be held in those statuses for 5 days from a moment when they was assigned. If Registrar will terminate domain within such grace period – he will get full refund for corresponding operation which has initiated such status.

Status: redemptionPeriod
This status code indicates that your registrar has asked registry to delete domain or that domain has expired. Domain will be held in this status for a 30 days. After then, it will be updated with the pendingDelete status for 5 calendar days after which time domain is purged from the registry database and becomes available for anyone to register on a first come, first served basis.